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Political candidates can lie about each other with no recourse. Apparently it's a policy that is not only allowed but encouraged. There are lots of lies out there posing as facts. As we get closer to the Primaries on June 28, YOUR vote is what decides who progresses to the General against Tammy Duckworth. Some people don't like my opinions, but I clearly state they are my opinions, and to the best of my knowledge, I don't lie about anyone. No one will agree with all of my opinions, not even my wife. What I don't do is confuse my opinions with facts. So to those who say I'm being sued, I'm not (but I am a respondent as you can download from the big red button). To those who say I'm an ex-Navy SEAL, I'm not (and I am extremely grateful to those who are retired and current Navy SEALS and all members of our armed forces except Crenshaw). To those that say that General Flynn did not endorse me, well, it would have made for a very awkward Fundraising Event if he hadn't (clarification: General Flynn did and continues to endorse me). Someone said that they had trademarked "Pluck the Duck" then switched their comment to state they were going to hire a particular attorney to trademark "Pluck the Duck" for them - well, I started using it in print back in April.

I use facts to guide my opinions - they may be embarrassing (such as foreclosing on your house multiple times), they may be financial (tax bills are a matter of public record), and some may require further investigation (number of last names across time in our voter rolls simply doesn't jive with number of pregnancies and our population). I don't claim to have all the answers, but I keep searching for answers below the surface and request that reporters and citizens of Illinois do the same (lawfully, of course).

I receive plenty of emails with other folk's opinions about my opinions. That is normal and healthy. But our state and our country should be led with the facts. That is my mandate. Please vote in our Primaries on June 28. YOUR vote will show if you prefer FACTS or OPINIONS or simply LIES. I know I have had enough, but we will all see what Illinois citizens prefer. My prayers are with us as a state and as a nation.

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