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June 27, 2021 - I love Chicago. I think the democrat politicians controlling the great city are choking their residents with taxes, taxes and taxes. (The high taxes sure aren’t being used properly to solve their escalating crime rates either or the corruption.)

I think a positive step in the right direction for Chicago residents would be School Choice.

After talking with a home schooling family from Chicago, I can say home schooling might be the way to fight back in a mass way against the administrators not doing right by our children.

Watch Our Drive and Chat Here

July 13, 2021 -My full speech at the Kane County Board meeting held in Geneva, Ill. regarding the November 2020 election irregularities I found in the county's elections. This meeting was productive as it has moved the Election Integrity Issue to committee for August 13.

Here is Stephanie Moresco's Speech from Three Headed Eagle Alliance Election Integrity Chairman of Kane County 

September 2021 - Here is the social media rundown on understanding how our elections and votes can be stolen from us and here is my suggestion on what we do to try to prevent the fraud from happening again.

Piton for U.S. Senate Campaign Highlights and Updates on Social Media

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JUNE 23, 2021 BATAVIA, IL- Piton Speaks Out Against Toxic Critical Race Theory at School Board Meeting in Batavia, Illinois. "CRT is more toxic brainwashing and anti-American indoctrination aimed at dividing us further and conuering us all."


JUNE 26, 2021 Maricopa County,  Arizona- Piton joined fellow patriots during a livestream event hosted by Patrick Byrnes, Producer of the "The Deep Rig", at a Premier event in Arizona of the movie.

The Deep Rig Livestream Premiere  from 4pm to 9pm. Get the latest news from the Maricopa Investigation. Ask your questions to the Panel:

  • Steve Lucescu and Roger Richards - directors and producers of The Deep Rig.

  • Patrick M. Byrne

  • Joe Oltmann from FEC in Colorado

  • Joe Flynn

  • Jesse Binnall - (Constitutional Attorney, & Election Fraud Specialist)

  • Colonel Phil Waldron (US Army & Cyber Security Expert)

Intending to attend via zoom:

  • Jovan Hutton Pulitzer 

  • Bobby Piton

JUNE 28, 2021 Chicago IL-  FACEBOOK : Great to be in Chicago on this beautiful Sunday meeting with like-minded Freedom Loving citizens, who are standing up to the unconstitutional tyranny of their school boards impeding on our children’s rights AND minds.

If we say nothing and continue to allow the left’s evil agenda to brainwash our youth... it’s over folks!

Everyone must be speaking out unapologetically against this toxic and divisive CRT propaganda and the masking of children. No forced vaccines on anyone, especially our children.

WATCH Bobby Piton's Speech in Chicago June 28, 2021

FACEBOOK: The Bobby Piton for US Senate campaign was in Chicago to speak out against communism that has infiltrated our state and America. The lies and propaganda damaging our national identity and our Republic are all traced back to the Democratic Party that has gone full radical socialist communist. Follow the money. They don’t hide in Chicago either, they were out counter protesting us across the street. Yes, they have a Communist Socialist party organized in’s not a joke. Here’s their Chicago website

However, with the help of big fearless voices on the right the last few years, Americans have slowly started to reject the communist cocktail served to us by the democrats.

Most of us who refused to drink it... well we are now laser focused on defeating it entirely. We have a heck of a fight ahead of us, so nobody who cares about liberty should sit this one out.

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