Especially if they have NEVER voted or registered to vote in the past 

Same Day Registration and Voting is legal in Illinois

and proof of residency for SDR(Same Day Regristration) Voters

be ready to video your experience if you are disenfranchised  

Why should you pick me?

For over 25 years of my life I have literally been a paid thinker, I read two to three times as fast as the average human being and I have written about 100 hours a year for over a decade about: policy, economics and about what we need to do to solve these problems.

If elected which Senator would you emulate?
No One! I will emulate who God wants me to be as a US Senator. I bring a skill set that the US Senate has probably never seen, I am an expert in the financial markets the economy I will completely audit ALL the books and look under every stone.

What is your agenda as a United States Senator?
There's three main things:

1) Investigate Oil Companies / Drill

2) Food Supply Chain Disruption

3) Domesticate ALL Military hardware supply chains 

How would you restore the pride that American Manufactures have lost?
Three Prong Approach:
1) Double Global Corporations Tax Rates

2) Cut US Corporations Tax Rates in HALF

3) Require 3% on the 60 Trillion of Oil Assets on US Soil and cut Income tax to ZERO

Justice and the Jab:

Remember the three "R's" to Save America!

RENEW our faith...PRAY!

RECLAIM our Time and Our Money!

REIGNITE the True American Dream!

Great Awakening:

Our Nation was "Spiritually Broken"

Trump broke the rigging algorithm

The Spiritual Awakening Began

Now we have a cleanup job in Aisle... ALL   

School Shootings, New Gun Laws, 2nd Amendment:

The Right To Keep And Bear Arms shall not be infringed Nationwide Constitutional Concealed Carry

Proper Mental Health Care Funding

US Allies need to adopt RTKABA

"Execute out corruption" Traitors need to face the music 

Bobby's Position on Pro-Life
The abortion issue is more than about killing the most innocent among us, it was about putting us to the test that if we are not willing to defend the most innocent that have done NOTHING wrong, they were born pure into this world by God and we sat back and didn't do enough.

Absolutely it needs to be ended. 

How can you reach people that are not normally republican voters.
I'm going to run to win the hearts and minds of everybody in Illinois, we need to restore State Rights our Federal Government has TRAMPLED State Rights when you look at the Constitution.

Bobby explaining how Dick Durban and Tammy Duckworth are illegitimate Senators through voter fraud, at the General Flynn Event in Chicago on April 20th


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Bobby is a Portfolio Manager, a Graduate of Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Management, Father, Husband, Conservative Patriot committed to preserving our Freedom and Republic.   (Learn more about Bobby)

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