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Robert "Bobby" Piton

I am a native of Chicago, the last of 10 kids and the only one blessed to have been born in the US. The largest family ever released from Communist Poland in the 1970's, my parents stressed God, Family, Hard Work, and Education. Those same values guide my passion every day.  


I finished college in less than 3 years, had my Series 7 certification by 18, CFA by 23, and MBA by 28.  I co-founded an investment firm, traveled the world, became a father of 5, developed a successful financial management company, testified regarding election integrity, and ran for the United States Senate.


My FOCUS: Help others CREATE and bring out the best in themselves. Seek solutions for complex challenges for people and our nation.   


My FORMULA: Analyze facts and supporting data. Educate and inform the public and clients. Discern propaganda and hyperbole to make better decisions for a stable future.

Through social media outlets, daily podcasts, white papers, online webinars and educational resources, I want to share with my fellow Patriotic Americans how to take control of their finances, understand how America IS making a great reset and economic comeback, and ways to improve their future and secure a future for those they love.

- Robert "Bobby" Piton

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