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Robert "Bobby" Piton

Born in Chicago, Ill., raised in Norridge, Ill, resides currently in Geneva, Ill. 


Father of 5, Married, Roman Catholic, First Generation Born American, and Last of 10 kids.  My parents were the largest family ever released (under communism you are prisoner) from a Communist Country – Poland.  Fortunately, they came to America and simply wanted a chance to live their life freely.  


They never went on public aid, as my dad was a cement finisher and my mom cleaned buildings downtown.  Both were part of the Union. They stressed God, Family, Hard Work, and Education.  I saw how hard they worked, and it drove me to learn everything I could about business from a young age.  

I raced to finish college in less than 3 years, had my Series 7 by 18, CFA by 23, and MBA by 28, co-founded an investment firm, and took a year off to travel around the US and some nations around the world.


My focus shifted to help others learn how to CREATE and bring out the best in themselves.  That’s the currency that I seek to earn.  Helping others thrive and CRUSH IT is far more rewarding than money has ever been to me.  I operate best as an unencumbered Free Mind that optimizes based on FACTS and DATA.

It’s never easy being a so called “outsider” or “change agent”.  I get it.  I understand why.  I’ve never lived my life pursuing popularity.  What I do like to pursue however, are challenges and complex puzzles that need solving.  That’s what I enjoy most.

- Robert "Bobby" Piton

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